Birds Do It Too: The Amazing Sex Life of Birds.

Are you like me?

Do you like to participate/video tape deviant sexual acts, but feel "dirty" because you think they’re not "natural"? Do you yearn for conformation that what you are doing in the bedroom/kitchen is also done by some of God’s other creatures?

Well have I got the book for you! Birds Do It, Too: The Amazing Sex Lives of Birds. Find out about the reproductive antics of birds; our hardwired feathered friends. Success is defined by getting your genes into the next generation and who better than birds to teach us about the many ways in which that may be accomplished. In "human terms" some species of birds participate in menage a trois, homosexuality, prostitution, foreplay, harems, masturbation, child abandonment, infanticide, free love, sex changes, adultery, bestiality, dancing, divorce, life long monogamy, and much more.

Kit and George Harrison have surveyed the literature (yes, there is a wonderful bibliography for those who want to read more) and produced an entertaining and educational book about bird mating. Its even got pictures!

Harrison, K. and G. Harrison. 1997. Birds do it too: the amazing sex life of birds. Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, Wisconsin. 190pp. ISBN 1572230924