Mike's Book Reviews-
Now with More Mistakes

(As seen in the MU Student News)

29 August 2002 Harrison, K. and G. Harrison. 1997. Birds do it too: the amazing sex life of birds. Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, Wisconsin. 190pp. ISBN 1572230924
Alexander, R. M. 1989. Dynamics of dinosaurs and other extinct giants. Columbia University Press, New York. 167pp. ISBN 0-231-06666-X
5 September 2002 Gordon, D. G. 1994. The Western Society of Malacologists field guide to the slug. Sasquatch Books, Seattle. 48pp. ISBN 1-57061-011-8
McGowan, C. 1997. Make your own dinosaur out of chicken bones: foolproof instructions for budding palentologists. Harper Perennial, New York. 144pp. ISBN 0-06-095226-1