Pics 3: More interesting specimens

Mantispa interrupta.jpg (53244 bytes)

Not a Praying Mantis, this is a Mantispid. Its more closly related to lacewings than Praying Mantids.

Caddisfly.jpg (74619 bytes)

Not a moth, this is a Caddisfly. Their larvae are aquatic.

Fawn Darner.jpg (61562 bytes)

A dragonfly. Fawn Darner is the common name.

Longhorn.jpg (73578 bytes)

Longhorm Beetle.

Owlfly.jpg (42474 bytes)

An Owlfly. A very unusual insect, the clubbed antennae of a butterfly, the wings of a dragonfly, and the mouthparts of a beetle.
Actually they are more related to lacewings and the Mantispid above than anything they resemble.