Nature Pictures 1
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1. Ten Bees
Taken in
Phatthalung Province., Thailand on 5 June 2003. I was collecting dragonflies when I came across 9 bees setting on a limb, the tenth would attempt to land between two others, causing one to fall off, which would then land between two others, etc. until the above compromise was reached.

2 . Fallen
This is how I found her, a single ant passed away on a leaf by a stream. To me, this is a very sad picture. Taken 3 June 2003 in
Songkhla Province., Thailand.

3. Rhyothemis obsolescens Kirby
This picture was taken at Lake Thale Ban on 4 June 2003 in Satun Prov., Thailand. I saw 5 or 6 of these and took some pictures, then we all ate lunch, but when it was time to collect, they were all gone! I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but never got one.
Northern Maidenhair (Adiantum pedatum)
My favorite Missouri Fern. I got a picture of these while searching out a Geocache in Boone Co., Missouri on 28 June 2003.

5. Herd
This herd of bark lice (Psocoptera) covered an area about as big as a quarter. I found them sitting happily on a tree trunk near a waterfall in
Tak Province, Thailand on 8 May 2003.
6. Leaf
This leaf was more than three feet long! I don't know the species of tree, sorry. Photo was taken on 6 June 2003 in
Phatthalung Province, Thailand.

7. Heliocypha performata limbata (Selys)
This is a beautiful damselfly I photographed in
Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand on 12 May 2003. They're skiddish and its pretty hard to get a good photo of these guys.
8. Red Butterfly
I admit, I don't collect many butterflies, because they take up some much room in a collection. I didn't collect this one, so I can't offer a proper name, sorry. I saw this on the first day I went collecting in Thailand! Photo taken in
Chiang Mai Province on 29 April 2003.
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