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Pictures are available in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, and 20x30 inches. In order to maintain photographic quality, some pictures are not available in the largest size format. Below each picture is the maximum size available.

All prints are available in matte only.

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Nature 1 Nature 2 Nature 3 Nature 4 People Other
1. Ten Bees 9. Giant Killer Spider 17. Pink Cactus 25. Bittacomorpha clavipes (Fabricius) 29. Day at the Office 33. Buddha
20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30
2. Fallen 10. The Wanderer 18. Micropezidae 26. Danaus plexippus (L.) 30. Elephant Story 34. Tired
16x20 20x30 Sorry 11x14 Max 20x30 20x30 20x30
3. Rhyothemis obsolescens Kirby 11. Parcoblatta 19. Syrphid on a Pink 27. Gaggle 31. Floating Market 35. Elephant
20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30
4. Northern Maidenhair 12. Spike 20. Blue Racer 28. Taum Sauk Mountain 32. Just of Laughs 36. Great Sign
20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30 20x30
5. Herd 13. Broken Limb 21. Anax junius
  37. Flow Chart
16x20 20x30 20x30     20x30
6. Leaf 14. Standoff 22. Tachopterxy thoreyi     38. Buddha, Too
20x30 20x30 16x20     20x30
7. Heliocypha performata limbata 15. Laccotrephes 23. Tortoise Beetle     39. RIP
20x30 20x30 20x30     20x30
8. Red Butterfly 16. Gomphid Exuviae 24. Parasite     40. Floor
20x30 20x30 20x30     20x30


Ordering Instructions:

1. The system is set up only for ordering different sizes, YOU MUST TELL ME THE NUMBER AND TITLE of the print you want. There will be a place to put this information as you complete the payment process. If you forget, don't worry, I'll send you an email and ask which is was that you wanted. 

2. You can only order one size at a time. If you want 2 prints which are 8 x 10 this can be done with one order, and be sure to tell me which 2 you want. However, if you want 1 print 20 x 30 and another 11 x 14, you must order each separately. No charge for shipping, so don't worry about that.

3. Sorry, no shipping outside of the US (unless you really want a lot of photos, and then I'll see what I can do).

4. No refunds! If you're not satisfied with the product you receive, send me an email. Basically, you can ship the photo to me, I'll pay the postage, and I'll credit the cost to you PROVIDED THE PHOTO IS IN LIKE NEW CONDITION AND NOT DAMAGED. You may then order a smaller size or a different photo.

5. You should receive your order in about a week, if not, please notify me.

Size Price Each  
8x10 $15
11x14 $25
16x20 $50
20x30 $70
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