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16 March 2009
Watered them today! They are both growing to beat the band!

6 March 2009
Watered them today. Once cup each. Additional plants have been growing with the kids. I'm leaving them for now.

29 February 2009

Teaching your child about fun


*You want to have some fun Billy?


Yeah Daddy! What do you want to do?


*First you need money, so here’s $20.


Wouldn’t it be more fun to earn the money? Maybe we could start a lemonade stand!


*No, no, no son. If you are earning money you are doing something wrong. Here take this $20.


But what about pride, honor, and a sense of accomplishment and of a job well done?


*Those things take too long, and you have to think about them to understand them.


Oh, OK. Well, what do we do with the money?


*We’ll go buy a shirt!


But I have shirts already. I was thinking we could buy a model and put it together, or some seeds and plant a garden. Oh I know, I saw a great paint set at the store!


*No son you don’t understand, we’ll buy a special T-shirt with the name of the local sports team on it.


Or we could make one! White T-shirts only cost about $3 each and I could get some markers and we could draw all over the shirt! A dragon eating an eagle!


*No, Billy, you don’t understand. We HAVE to buy the shirt, because we have to have an OFFICIAL shirt.


What makes it an official shirt?


*There is a tag on it with a hologram.


What do you do with the tag?


*Cut it off and throw it away.


What do we do after we spend money on the shirt and cut the special tag off and throw it away?


*That’s the best part. We get a bunch of friends together and sit in front of the TV while we watch that team play.


But Daddy, wouldn’t it be infinitely more fun to be outside playing with a stick or something rather than sitting on our duffs watching people you don’t know play a game that we ourselves could be playing at that very instant?


*Oh no Billy, that would get our shirts dirty. Besides, when you get older, you’ll establish an emotional connection to those strangers, their coaches, and the teams they play on. Your mood and happiness will hinge on whether they win or lose a game even though their success has no real meaning to your actual life. You will begin to identify with one set of sports teams and actively discriminate against those that wear official shirts, or even just clothes with the same color as those of another team.


Here’s your $20 back. I’m gonna go outside and play with a stick.


Even though this happened again and again, Billy’s dad was never
brought up on charges of child abuse.


27 February 2009
Watered again, one cup each. They show signs of growth!

22 February 2009
Watered again. Went to Wal-Mart yesterday looking for Pots. Thought about getting some, then didn't. I think I'll repot in a couple weeks. The soil they are in now isn't.

Fantastic Youtube video! (It's not a beetle, but a true bug)

16 February 2009
Watered again.

13 February 2009
Watered again, one cup each. They tend to firm up after a water, and then start to "droop" as time goes by. The soil the came in is so loose there is no way they aren't drying out in a couple days. We'll see.

10 February 2009
Trillian feels much better today. I'm adding a movie I took of the two last week. Hope you enjoy.

9 February 2009
Made it back. Trillian looks a little peaky.
I decided to water again, one day early. One cup each. 

6 February 2009
Headed away for the weekend.
I get some photos to show off to friends and family.

This one is Trillian for obvious reasons.

And if that one is Trillian, then this one must be Arthur.

4 February 2009
I watered them on the morning of the 4th. Once cup each.

3 February 2009
The Welwitschia have arrived!

Just out of the box!

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