Death Threats

            My freshman year (97-98) I hung a mailbox on my dorm room door. Naturally many items were placed in such a prominate receptical. Among these items were, coins, Kim, trash, Amy, small children, food, hamsters, Donovan, socks, tacks, tax, books, pens, tires, keyboards, Donna, guns, (& ammo), Krista, mice, hats, keys, staplers, Jeff, papers, tanks, cards, porno, Amber, beer, Kari, pictures, cookies, Carmen, hammers, plants, Marlies, flashlights, bulbs, Betsy, suicied notes, Steve, bones, underwear, hair dye, movies, cameras, Deanna, desks, boats, transcripts from the Oprah Winfrey Show, earth, wind, fire, blood, Gwen, sweat, tears, Amber, files, Natalie, computers, reasons to live, grudges, Kelli, bugs, airline tickets, phones, Jessica, passwords, aborted alien fetuses, Julia, quarters, discs, Aaron, heartache, insulin, Tonya, fish, invitations, restraining orders, and of course DEATH THREATS!bone_line.gif (5914 bytes)

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