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Substantial scientific evidence has been found that gravity does not exist! In fact there is more evidence that gravity doesn't exist than that it does!

ˇ         Gravity is only a THEORY and NOT a Scientific FACT!

ˇ         Gravity cannot be proven!
- As a theory, gravity can never be proven, scientists admit this!! No one has tested gravity on Jupiter! 

ˇ         Gravity cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelt!

If gravity exists then:

ˇ         How do birds, bats, and insects fly?

ˇ         How do airplanes fly?

ˇ         Why do balloons float up?

ˇ         What makes a hot air balloon keep from falling from the sky?

ˇ         How do Zeppelins or Dirigibles float in the sky?

ˇ         How does a siphon work?

If gravity is pulling everything to the center of the Earth, then:

ˇ         Why aren't we and everything else crushed to the ground and pulled to the center of the Earth?
- I don't have any trouble jumping, do you?

ˇ         Why hasn't the moon (or for that matter the sun and other planets) fallen into the Earth?
-You think this would be an obvious one!!!

Gravity can not exist. Consider the lies scientists tell us about gravity:

ˇ         Gravity is blind, ruled by random chance and chaos.
- Why are all the stars, planets, and moons round instead of many different shapes. How did "blind" gravity make all the celestial objects perfect spheres?

ˇ         Gravity is a great force which permeates the whole universe that we are powerless to resist.
We are told that this force is blind, does not love us, and that we are not known to it. Can this be so?

If gravity is the attraction of two bodies of matter to each other, then:

ˇ         Why isn't there an attraction between small and large things, such as a car being pulled toward a mountain, or gnats being pulled toward a person walking in a field?

ˇ         Which is it? Is gravity the attraction of bodies of matter, or a force that pulls matter toward the center of the Earth? Make up your mind!


  First they said
  the Earth was

  Then they told
  us F=MA...

  Now they tell us

  What's next?


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