Other Pictures

33. Buddha
This is a Buddha image that still resides within the ruins of a temple in the city of Ayuttuya, the once capital of Siam (now Thailand). Its a very strange site to see such a sculpture amongst the ancient ruins of a once great city.

34. Tired
This was taken in historic Jewell Cemetery in Columbia, Missouri. This cemetery contains graves dating from the mid-1800's. Many of these stones are works of art, rather than just markers.

35. Elephant
A three headed elephant is an important religious symbol in some parts of Thailand. This gargantuan building was erected in Bangkok by a millionaire philanthropist to house important works of religion and art. For scale, there is a truck, visible as a small brown square, parked at the end of the line of trees, and below the large window.
36. Great Sign
There are places, too few, where wild elephants still roam. There is a highway in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand with these signs warning motorists. As an added bonus, some witty person made the sign "anatomically correct". I have a picture of a non-defaced sign if you would rather. Honestly, I can't believe that anyone could ever go to war, knowing that elephants, real live elephants, are wandering around the forests, wild.

37. Flow Chart
I saw this sign at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. I love this- because it explains!!! You never get any explanations in America. The signs just say, NO! Through this sign we learn that coining, feeding, and/or touching of animals causes obstruction, over eating, and/or stress- which result in DEATH!
38. Buddha, Too
This is another Buddha image that still resides within the ruins of a temple in the city of Ayuttuya, the once capital of Siam (now Thailand). Its very odd to look through the doorway of a building with no roof. The monks keep swaths of cloth on some of the Buddhas.

39. RIP
Herman, Missouri is an old German settlement. Mr. Herman came to Missouri from Germany long ago and spent the summer in the state. That year it was unusually cool, and very much German like. So the next year he went home and told everyone about this wonderful place in America, called Missouri. Anyway, everyone who moved there was very much disappointed when they found out that Missouri has horrible weather. This picture was taken in a cemetery in Herman, Missouri.
40. Floor
If you're not careful, this picture can make you loose your balance (or your lunch). This is the floor in the revenue office of the Texas state capital. This is kind of a cool/weird picture, I took it while traveling around the desert southwest collecting insects.