Mike's Travel in Thailand Page

As Mike travels around the globe he will try to send back images of the strange and wonderful people and places that he encounters along the way. Check back from time to time and see what wonderful pictures I've taken.

As I add pages I'll rename them accordingly.

Here is a brief summary of the work that I did, plus a map of where I traveled in the country.


Trip over and first night.


First full day and first collecting trip!


Supper and Next day


More Stuff


EVEN more stuff


Additional Stuff


Seven Finally up and running


Eight, this one (or the next) is really big.


Nine - Finally up with pictures.


Ten - up


Eleven - up


Twelve - up


Thirteen (Lucky Number 13 took me three different internet cafes to upload!) - up


Fourteen - Finally up!!!! Sorry it took so long. Good stuff to come too!




Sixteen! Nearly a week long struggle but his page is up! TWO BEST PICTURES OF THE ENTIRE TRIP!!!


Seventeen, I'm getting caught up!!!


Eighteen, Last one till I come home.


Nineteen, Home and alive - Last log