Nature Pictures 2
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9. Giant Killer Spider
I like insects, but spiders scare me. This guy was on a rock in the middle of a stream with his legs pulled tight against his body. Well I couldn't tell what it was and got really close when all of a sudden... POW all 8 legs shot out, I almost went into the creek over this one. This photo was taken on 24 May 2003 in
Suratthani Province, Thailand.

10. The Wanderer
A beautiful web built across a Taro leaf by a hansom spider. My mother bumped this picture up huge on a special screen so one of her legally blind students could "see" it. He could barley make it out, but apparently really enjoyed it! This photo was taken on 24 May 2003 in
Suratthani Province, Thailand (it was a good day for spiders!)

11. Parcoblatta
Its a woodroach! I was crossing a pasture on the way back from a Geocache when I found this guy just hanging out. Photo was taken in Boone Co., Missouri on 28 June 2003.
12. Spike
A beautiful spike inflorescence over three feet tall, totally unlike anything I've ever seen in person. Photo was taken in
Ranong Province, Thailand on 20 May 2003. Sorry I can't give it a name, I'm only familiar with Missouri plants. If you have any idea what this is, feel free to send me an email.

13. Broken Limb
This is beautiful, the texture and color, combined with that spectacular eye. This wonderfully camouflaged frog (about 3 inches long) was sitting in a tree beside a pond, waiting for a meal. Photo taken in
Suratthani Province on 24 May 2004. If you can ID the frog send an email!
14. Standoff
This is how I found then. The frog and the mantid were separated by a little more than a foot. This is also how I left them, so I can't tell you if the frog got a meal, or if the mantid got to live another day. Photo taken in
Nakhon Si Thamarat Province, Thailand on 26 May 2003.

15. Laccotrephes
This is a water scorpion, thusly named for the long breathing tubes which issue from its backside. Normally found submerged, I have no idea why this beast was sitting on a leaf, but this is how I found it. My friend (an expert on such beasts) stole the specimen from me! Oh well. This isn't the most beautiful nature photo in the word, but it is certainly an unusual subject. Photo was taken in
Chiang Mai Province, Thailand on 2 May 2003.
16. Gomphid Exuviae
Immature dragonflies live in the water. When its time to turn into an adult, they crawl out of the water, climb onto something, and emerge as a adult, leaving behind their last exoskeleton, called an exuviae. The above belongs to a dragonfly in the famliy Gomphidae, but beyond that no one knows which species this is. The photograph was taken in
Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand on 17 May 2003.
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